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10 years after

Сергій Нечета, 11.09.2011 року

To my cat Usama, with the longest whiskers,

The thunder-storm of careless birdies, with love,

it is devoted …

The person desert goes,

In a beard and glasses protective

He of the Faith the Defender

And Allah him leads!

As behind an animal,

They are hunting after him

In democracy playing demons,

In fact

For them

Not Only the Near East

Is a Zone of Strategic Interests.

He is rich, has friends

And, with the Destiny

Does not play.

To devilish “green pieces of paper”

He bravely The War declares!

He has undertaken attempt

To explain, what is it - Conscience

When all over the world –

The War

Your silence is a Low Act.

He wanted to tell only:

Repent, hear me …

Also has shuddered The Harlot*

From fire flying from the sky.

Now closely to enter gates,

And, for him, - as through lobe

Of a needle

And in the History Modern

To become The Cornerstone!

Also the wanderer strides further,

Obedient to Will Supreme

He walks through deserts,


fields …

Of the selling world the exile.

To " Dead souls “, indifferent, full

From eagle height

Has shown conformists, non-believers:

Tomorrow a victim can become YOU!

They lived for the sake of a profit,

As well as you, the fan of reading.

Accidentally became ashes and a dust,

Nothing having had time to understand.

For a low life of them, for false

To punish the God should,

The person has facilitated His burden–

Slightly, as has managed, has helped.

In moustaches smiling in a kind way,

In clothes, speeches simplicity,

Has sent « begun to rot apple »

In the Hell

To Jews,

that crucifies the Christ!

*Маt. 7-13, 14; 19-24; 21-42, 44.

Send it to president@whitehouse.gov, copy to vice-president@whitehouse.gov

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3 Микола Нечета , Андрій Мирохович , Роман Миронов. 823
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Микола Нечета
2011-09-11 11:19:19

За що вбили Усамушку? Я так здогадуюсь, що вбито його звіряче лише за те, що був чесною людиною. А є інші точки зору, цікаво послухать?

2011-09-12 12:14:04

На диво сциклива публіка, ніхто Бардака не привітає, чи ви англійської не розумієте. Я ясно вказав адресу, куди надсилати віршика.

Андрій Мирохович
2011-09-12 17:06:27


Сергій Нечета
2011-09-12 21:39:44

ти відіслав?

Андрій Мирохович
2011-09-12 23:08:43

а де ти такі адреси нарив?

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